After Belgrade Waterfront, Novi Sad Waterfront in plans?

The Democratic Party (DS) in Novi Sad demands from the mayor Milos Vucevic, to renounce the idea of building Novi Sad Waterfront because “the project is overwhelmed by problems and would have inconceivable complications and lasting negative consequences”.

“This project cannot be legally implemented if it is carried out as planned by Vucevic and his buddies, because it is contrary to the Water Act, the Planning Act and the planning and construction plan for the Danube area. The construction of Novi Sad Waterfront is only in the personal interest of Vucevic and the big capital that virtually manages the city, and not in the interest of Novi Sad and its citizens,” the DS said in a note.

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Veljko Krstonosic from the DS said that Vucevic and his business partners intend to “build their town on the waterfront, right on the Danube”, despite the fact that such construction is explicitly prohibited and threatens the entire flood protection system.

He warned that in that case Novi Sad, would risk losing much of the Danube’s coastline for good and the possibility of managing the whole area in accordance with the needs of sustainable development and the vital interests of citizens would be lost.

“On the other hand, the city would not benefit from a private company affiliated to the mayor and the Serbian Progressive Party which builds and sells expensive apartments,” said Krstonosic.

He added that Mayor Vucevic ‘indirectly admitted’ that the project was illegal when he ‘attacked’ Vojvodina’s water management company, ‘Vode Vojvodina’, describing it as ‘an obstacle to the prosperity of the city’, but not explaining how such a company in particular prevented the development of the city.

“If Vode Vojvodine did not give him permission to build Novi Sad Waterfront, then this is not an obstacle to development, but elementary respect for the law. However, since the province of Vojvodina is the founder of public enterprise Vode Vojvodine and the provincial government is run by the people from Vucevic’s party and the SNS, it is possible that the mayor’s attack on the company is the beginning of his personal campaign for the election of the head of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina,” Krstonosic concluded.

(Danas, 04.02.2020)

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