After Belgrade Fair, Novi Sad Fair will also be relocated

The new spatial plan for Novi Sad envisages that some of the Novi Sad Fair facilities will be relocated and that the Fair’s hotel will be destroyed and a 10-story skyscraper built instead.

The plan covers an area of 28.36 hectares, most of which belongs to the Novi Sad Fair and accompanying buildings, as well as the Reformation and Evangelist cemetery. The area will be divided into a northern and southern section, where the northern section will still be used for Fair-related activities and the southern for other purposes. The plan is also to build several facilities in the northern section that could also serve for the activities related to the Fair.

The Reformation-Evangelist cemetery remains within its boundaries and without any changes as it is considered a protected cultural-historical location. Next to the cemetery, the plan is to build a multi-storey garage with up to 550 parking spaces.

When it comes to the Novi Sad Fair hotel, it will be completely demolished and a ten-story business building will be built in its place.

(, 29.11.2023)

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