AFI Europe: Residential buildings to replace former HQ of Interior Ministry

The demolition of the former Federal Ministry of Interior building will take around six months, and the owner and investor, the Israeli company AFI Europe, plans to build a 60,000 m2 residential and office complex there.

The works have been estimated at EUR 200 million.

City Manager Goran Vesic says that the stone gate and the crest on the building will be preserved and made part of the façade on one of the future structures within the complex, facing Kneza Milosa Street.

– A table containing details about the date the building was raised, who the designer was and when it was bombed will be placed in the space between the buildings which will be raised there – Vesic said and added that the idea was to preserve a symbol of the former state and that he was glad he had managed to do so.

The building was sold by the state back in 2007 for EUR 29 million. The Israeli company waited for the building permit for the 36,000 m2 facility for nine years. In the end, they sold the building to another investor, also from Israel.

(eKapija, 09.10.2016)

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