Aelius getting closer to taking over Galenika

The Luxembourg-based company, Aelius is the only company left in the race to acquire Galenika. Aelius is operates under the Brazilian pharmaceutical giant, EMS SA.

The Commission that is in charge of overseeing the sale of the Belgrade pharmaceutical company has suggested to the Serbian Ministry of Economy to allow Aelius to proceed with the bidding process, and to reject the bid submitted by Amikus SRB from Belgrade.

The Ministry of Economy’s press release says that it will open Aelius’ bid on Thursday, 26th October.

“The Committee made such decision after thoroughly checking the bidding documentation, and ascertained that the bidder Aelius from Luxembourg, which operates under EMS SA Brazil, has met all the conditions stated in the public call for submission of bids. The bidder Amikus SRB d.o.o. from Belgrade, which operates under the Swiss investment fund, HBM, did not submit the required documents”, the press release reads.

Aelius, which is most likely going to become the new owner of Galenika, is a part of EMS S.A. from Brazil which is the biggest pharmaceutical company in that country. The company was founded in the mid-1950s, it has 4,500 employees, and, in 2012, its revenue stood at 2.8 billion dollars. It operates in over 30 countries, whether though joint venture or forging strategic partnerships with other companies.

(Gde Investirati, 22.10.2017)


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