Adria Media Group’s bank accounts frozen

Serbian Tax Administration has decided to temporarily freeze the bank accounts of Adria Media Group, one of the biggest publishing companies in Serbia.

The legal team of Adria Media Group (AMG) claims that the Tax Administration has failed to state in their letter, in which they are explaining their decision, how much money does the Group allegedly owes on the account of unpaid taxes.

“Our bank accounts were frozen although nobody is saying how much do we allegedly owe in taxes. This practically means that we cannot now pay our suppliers or our employees, i.e. our every day operations have been disrupted. This also puts a stop to AMG’s operations in general and the publication of our daily Kurir. If AMG is not allowed to operate normally, we are not going to be able to generate revenue and will not have funds to pay taxes”, the company says.

The company also adds that this is the second time that its bank accounts have been frozen. On 14th June, the Tax Administration decided to freeze the accounts because it had claimed that AMG owed 16 million dinars in unpaid taxes.

“I am going to sue Vucic’s assailants whom he has instructed to obstruct the company that performs a public function”, Aleksandar Rodic, the owner of Adria Media Group, has commented on the recent events.

AMG’s official press release reads: “After 25 years of constant attacks and pressures by tax inspectors, all of AMG’s bank accounts have been illegally frozen. By misusing the Serbian Tax Administration, Aleksandar Vucic’s government is threatening the existence of the biggest media company in the Western Balkans, as well as threatening to seize all of our assets and, by doing so, in effect, start running the company themselves.”

The press release also reads: “It is obvious that Aleksandar Vucic has decided to bring down the biggest free daily newspaper in Serbia”. AMG also says that the financial existence of 800 employees and their family members has been jeopardized by the Tax Administration’s decision.

(N1, Danas, 10.07.2017)



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