Additional 27 million dinars allocated for Vinča incinerator

The Centre for Local Administration (CLS) announced that the Belgrade government, run by Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, has signed a new contract stipulating the development of software for the waste incinerator in Vinča amounting to 27 million dinars, thus continuing to accumulate unplanned budget costs for the same project.

“It is not clear why the software for the incinerator is not financed by the concessionaire – the Suez Company – considering that the municipality has already committed to pay 38 million euro per year from the budget, plus variable costs,” says the Centre.

According to the preliminary analysis of the CLS, the Belgrade government will allocate 1.3 billion euro for the treatment and disposal of waste in Vinča, in the next 25 years, noting that waste incineration or recycling is one of the most profitable common activities for local governments in European cities.

“The Centre underlines the need that, before signing significant contracts with long-term effect, the municipal government should make an assessment of all costs and benefits in order to find the best solution for citizens, which did not happen on this occasion,” the CLS adds.

(Nova, 15.01.2021)

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