Ada Bridge still doesn’t have exploitation permit

Although Belgrade’s Ada Bridge opened for traffic on January 1st, 2012, it hasn’t obtained the exploitation permit in these past seven years.

According to earlier announcements made by the city authorities, the permit was supposed to be obtained in 2017, then in mid-2018, and now, no deadlines are being mentioned anymore. The Belgrade Land Development Agency told the Blic daily that the public procurement procedure had been carried out and that the report by the commission for technical examination had been obtained.

“The public procurement procedure for the preparation of the geodetic study regarding the works on the bridge structure and the geodetic study for the works on the underground installations of the Ada Bridge for the purpose of the issuing of the exploitation permit are currently being drafted”, the Agency says.

When asked what the new deadline for the obtaining of the permit was, the Agency provided no clear answer, so it is quite safe to assume that the permit would not be obtained in 2019 either.

“Once the studies are finished, they will be sent to the line ministry along with the positive report compiled by the commission for technical examination and a request for the issuing of the exploitation permit”, the Agency explains.

According to experts from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, the lack of this document does not affect the practical usage of the bridge. They cite examples of other structures that have been operational for decades without an exploitation permit.

However, considering that the bridge is supposed be used by pedestrians and cyclists as well, the bridge elevators, which are meant for them and which cost a million euro to build, remain unused to this day. Also, the maintenance of the bridge is one of the problems, as the absence of the exploitation permit means that there is no designated company to maintain it.

The laying of tram tracks on the Ada Bridge should be completed in mid-2019, following which new tram lines will be introduced, connecting Banovo Brdo and Rakovica, on one side, and Novi Beograd, on the other.

(Blic, 22.01.2019)

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