Actual personal consumption in Serbia in 2021 – 53% of the EU average

Actual individual consumption in Serbia in 2021 amounted to 53 percent of the European Union average, while the gross domestic product (GDP) was 44 percent of the average of all EU member countries – Eurostat says.

Luxembourg had the highest actual individual consumption in 2021, with 144 percent of the European average. The GDP of this country was as much as 268 percent of the average in the EU.

Actual personal consumption means all goods and services that a household buys, but also services provided by non-profit institutions or the state, such as education or health.

Last year, actual individual consumption in Serbia increased compared to 2020, when it was 51 percent, and GDP was 43 percent of the EU average.

Among the candidate countries, Turkey has the highest actual individual consumption, at 69 percent of the EU average.

Among EU members, Bulgaria is still at the very bottom with 65 percent of average individual consumption and 57 percent of average European GDP.

Of the countries of the former Yugoslavia that joined the EU, Croatia has 72 percent of average consumption and 70 percent of average GDP.

(, 16.12.2022)

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