Actors of Belgrade Drama Theatre protesting against folk singer performing in their theatre

The news that award ceremony called “The Balkan Awards”, which is supposed to take place on February 21st, at the Belgrade Drama Theatre (BDP), has caused an outrage among the actors of the BDP who are demanding from the theatre’s director, Slobodan Custic to prevent the event from taking place at the theatre.

The Blic reports that there has been a lot of tension at the theatre yesterday, with actors releasing a public statement, voicing their disagreement over the Balkan Awards ceremony taking place at their theatre. The statement was signed by the renowned actors Boda Ninković, Marko Živić, Jelisaveta Orašanin, Anja Alač, and Vesna Čipčić, among others.

“The Balkan Prize 2018”, also known as “The Oscar of Popularity”, is supposed to be held in a ten days’ time at the Belgrade Drama Theatre. The ceremony has taken place for the past 20 years, with awards being given to various cultural and public figures – actors, singers, athletes, artists, writers.

This year, folk singer Dragana Mirkovic is supposed to perform at the awards, which is allegedly a source of contention for the theatre’s actors. Other musicians that are due to perform at the awards are band Piloti, singer Zeljko Bebek, all-girls band Frajle and singer Zeljko Vasic.

Marija Serifovic at National Theatre

Just three years ago, the majority of the actors from the National Theatre expressed their disagreement with the decision of the then director, Dejan Savic, to allow pop singer Marija Serifovic to hold a concert at their theatre. In the end, Savic allowed the concert to take place saying that it had commercial value for the theatre.

(Blic, 09.02.2019)


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