Actor who plays Boycie in iconic TV series ‘Only Fools and Horses’ becomes a Serbian citizen

Boycie, the second-hand car dealer with the nasal twang and mocking laugh from Only Fools and Horses, has become a hero in Serbia.

And now John Challis, the star who played him in the smash-hit comedy, has been given honorary Serbian citizenship, officially handed to him by the Serbian Ambassador to Britain, Aleksandra Joksimovic.

He made a documentary Boycie In Belgrade to try to explain why Only Fools is such a huge Serbian hit. John said: “It’s just as popular out there as it is here. A local DJ said it was the only thing that made them smile during their terrible wars.

After the documentary was released, the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, wanted to thank John for his services to the city, so he was formally offered honorary Serbian citizenship.

Mr Vesic said: “Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said to me she would give the passport to him personally when he comes to Belgrade.”

A delighted John said: “I was just flabbergasted. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me really. Belgrade is a fascinating city, the history and architecture are fascinating and the people are hospitable.”

The actor also took the country’s side when the now-infamous interview with actress Elizabeth Olsen, in which she stated that “there is nothing to see in Serbia because the country was founded only 13 years ago”, had resurfaced on the Internet.

(B92, 05.09.2021)






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