Activists officially request government to stop developing lithium mining project

Representatives of the Citizens’ Association Ne Damo Jadar submitted a request to the Serbian government on July 1, demanding a legal ban on geological exploration and exploitation of lithium and boron in Serbia. They claim they collected 38,000 signatures supporting their demand.

An association representative, Zlatko Kokanović, stated that if the request is not fulfilled within 40 days, by August 10, they will radicalize their protests.

This, as he mentioned, means that railways, specifically the “vital points” through which ores from other mines in Serbia are transported, will be blocked.

The Serbian government revoked the spatial plan under which Rio Tinto could go ahead with its Jadar Project. Serbian officials have been saying recently that the project should go ahead claiming it would bring prosperity to the country. Rio Tinto has bought a number of farms and other properties in the Jadar area of western Serbia.

Recently, the former Prime Minister and now Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Ana Brnabić, said that she supported lithium mining in Serbia, adding that she believed that it would be wrong to give up such an opportunity.

She also noted that she was not the one to decide whether people in Serbia should vote on the issue in a referendum.

„Lithium is important for Europe, and the only significant lithium deposit on the European continent is in Serbia. If the people of Serbia decide to support lithium mining, regarding which I did not hide my belief that it is good and that it is the oil of the 21st century, it would be abnormal and unwise to give it up. Norway was one of the poorest countries, but it extracted oil from the sea“, Ana Brnabić said.

(Radio Free Europe, 01.07.2024)

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