According to the opposition there is a danger of social conflict in Serbia

Part of the opposition, in favour of boycotting the forthcoming elections, argues that the last few days have shown that political divisions in Serbia have intensified and deepened and that there is a real danger of social and civil conflict with unprecedented consequences.

In a declaration signed by the Alliance for Serbia (SzS), the Social Democratic Party, the Civic Platform and the Statehood Movement (Savez za Srbiju (SzS), Socijaldemokratska stranka, Gradjanska platforma and Državotvorni pokret) it is stated that these conflicts were initiated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his government in response to protests from dissatisfied citizens.

“SzS agrees that there are currently no conditions for holding elections, mainly because of the imperative to preserve the health and safety of citizens, or because of the possibility of triggering a new wave of the epidemic, in a situation where we are still counting the dead.

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Moreover, since the introduction of the state of emergency, electoral conditions have deteriorated and there is no basic prerequisite for holding free and fair elections in Serbia today,” the note says.

“In order to overcome the political and constitutional crisis caused by the expiry of the period for holding regular elections and the Parliament and Government of Serbia’s mandate, as well as the mitigation of the economic consequences of the epidemic, it is necessary to implement the demands of the Serbian opposition, so that this crisis does not jeopardize the survival of the nation, the state and democracy,” the opposition parties warn.

They add that that is the only way to avoid further divisions and crises, aggravated by the pandemic that has changed social relations.

“The new political situation we are facing brings a serious risk, which can lead to unprecedented conflicts in society; Vucic’s regime is fully responsible for this, because it responds to the demands of the opposition and the dissatisfaction of citizens with aggression and threats,” the note concludes.

(Naslovi.Net, 03.05.2020)

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