About 300 workers of Belgrade airport don’t have a job contract anymore

The Zajedno trade union has announced a strike at Belgrade airport because it says “there is no social dialogue with the employer”.

The management of Vinci (which runs the Belgrade airport) informed workers a few days ago that due to the reduced volume of work, about 300 of them with job contracts expiring at the end of October will lose their jobs.

Vince also offered compensation for those workers who want to leave voluntarily, reports N1.

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The trade union also stated that they will act within the framework of the legal provisions, even if they cannot accept the fact that their colleagues are left jobless.

“These are all people who are engaged in operational activities. They are safety and maintenance workers covering the entire airport complex, and taking care of the safety of passengers, baggage and air services ”, explains Vesna Vilotić, president of the Zajedno trade union.

The explanation they received from the airport’s management states that air traffic has been reduced and that such a large number of employees cannot be maintained.

“We have never seen the concession contract, even though the Prime Minister had promised it would be published sooner or later … So, every time we rely on the agreement of concession, which none of us has ever seen,” says Vilotić.

The trade union representatives explain that they have not found any agreement with the management. “Forty colleagues, on maternity leave, were fired immediately after the end of their maternity leave period, although they were ready to start working,” Vilotić added.

Documents from two days ago show that employees will have to perform additional tasks, such as cleaning bathrooms and buildings themselves.

“The hygiene maintenance coordinator will provide a bucket and a mop in each toilet. Another special rag and bucket will be provided to clean the airport spaces “, reads the management’s notice.

“Independent institutions have established that the crisis, a consequence of the coronavirus, has yet to be felt and that nearly 200,000 people will lose their jobs,” Professor Zoran Stojiljković told N1.

(N1, 03.10.2020)


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