Abortion is the most common method of contraception in Serbia

Millions of women in America could soon be stripped of the legal right to an abortion, according to documents leaked by the Supreme Court. Laws have already been passed in 13 states that would automatically ban abortion if the Supreme Court makes a decision in that direction this summer.

Gynaecologist Vanja Milosevic and lawyer Ana Selak spoke about the law that would regulate abortion in Serbia as well. Dr Milosevic pointed out that due to poor sex education in Serbia, abortion is the most common method of contraception.

Lawyer Ana Selak said that abortion is not considered a human right per se and that a public debate on this issue should be launched in Serbia. “There are no legal discussions to limit or reduce abortion. I have nothing against banning abortion, but abortion is not a human right per se. The right to give birth is; the right to abortion is not. If we look at what the country’s predominant interest is, that is increasing the birth rate, then it should be regulated by law”, says Ana Selak.

Dr Vanja Milosevic underlines that abortion is the only method in medicine in which something vital and healthy is eliminated. “If a woman trusts me and knows that I am here to help her when she has a problem, she should also trust me when I say that abortion is a huge and very complicated process that could lead to infertility. It is more complicated to register a car in Serbia than to have an abortion. Women almost have no in-depth conversations with gynaecologists about this. Most of my patients tell me that if they had a more thorough and lengthy conversation with their doctor, they would not opt for abortion. The child’s father should also be involved. If a woman receives support, primarily moral, from the child’s father, it is highly likely that she would not go for abortion,” Dr Milosevic explains.

Selak concludes that there is nothing to prevent the legislative powers from adopting the regulation of certain acts that would restrict abortion, because, as she says, “it is horrible that in an emancipated society abortion is considered the most common form of contraception”.

(Kurir, 03.05.2022)



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