Abolition of roaming charges in the Western Balkan countries as of 1 July

Roaming charges in the Western Balkans are expected to be finally abolished on July 1.

At the meeting of the Western Balkans Working Group on Roaming Policy held two days ago, the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Majlinda Bregu, said that when the pandemic ends, people in the Western Balkans will enjoy all the benefits of a roaming-free region.

Starting this summer, people will be able to talk on their mobile phones at the same price as at home, in all countries of the Western Balkans – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, confirm from the Ministry of Telecommunications. This comes after the signing of the Agreement on reducing roaming prices in the Western Balkans in April 2019.

“As of July 1, 2021, the use of like-at-home roaming charges in the Western Balkans means a step towards lowering roaming prices when talking with someone in the European Union,” Bregu underlined.

During the meeting it was stated that roaming costs between the Western Balkans and the EU are huge and are not in line with market conditions. Due to extremely high roaming costs, citizens of the region pay four times more for the same service than citizens of the European Union.

Roaming-free Western Balkans and lower roaming prices when calling the European Union are part of the common regional market agenda, which Western Balkan leaders committed to at the Sofia Summit in November 2020.

(Kamatica, 25.02.2021)




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