A Serbian company that introduced a four-day workweek and doesn’t regret it

An increasing number of companies worldwide are trying an experiment that is based on a four-day workweek, and the latest in the series to make this step is located in Spain, where the trial period will last for two years.

In our country, a human resources company has been having a four-day working week for the past year, and their impressions so far are quite positive. However, when it comes to a wider implementation of this work system, it seems that our country is miles away from European trends.

The Manpower Serbia Company started implementing a four-day workweek in October last year. Today, a little more than a year after the launch of this project, they say that at no point did they think of giving up on that work format.

“Our idea was just to see how we could perfect this format model so that all stakeholders would function smoothly – first and foremost, our employees and the company itself, but also the clients and our key partners. When you do something for the first time, you really need a test and improvement period, the goal of which is to boost the quality of the entire project”, said Aleksandar Plavšin from Manpower Serbia.

He underlines that this kind of change has really had a positive effect on the work-life balance of the employees who are still as motivated as they were on the first project day.

“Our premise when we launched this project was that people would be absolutely more productive and that, for example, they will not take breaks that are often perhaps unnecessary. Simply put, when you have five working days, there is room for more breaks. This way, of course, you still have small breaks and a lunch break,  but for the rest of the time the whole team tries to be as productive as possible, so we didn’t notice any kind of dissatisfaction,” Plavšin goes on to say and adds that they have one employee on call every Friday. As the company currently has 20 employees that means that each employee is on call every 20th workweek.

(Nova.rs, 28.12.2022)


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