A new law regulating for foreigners who work remotely in Serbia

Serbian Labour Minister, Zoran Djordjevic, has announced changes to be made to the Law on Employment of Foreigners and the Law on Foreigners, as even though an increasing number of foreigners in Serbia work remotely for foreign companies, they could now start paying taxes in Serbia if the amendments to the law are adopted.

The idea is that Serbia is the first country in Europe to introduce the possibility for those who work for foreign companies, and are not Serbian citizens, to continue doing their jobs and living in Serbia.

Our country would also benefit from it. Estonia is thinking of introducing something similar, but I would like Serbia to be the first, “said the Minister.

The new regulation, he added, should be in effect from January 1 next year.

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He explained that all those who want to live in Serbia, and work for companies that have headquarters abroad, should prove that they have a gross salary exceeding 3,500 euro, that they are employed in foreign companies, that they do not reside in Serbia and that they are foreigners in order to obtain a one-year-residence and work permit in Serbia.

The Minister cited the example of Bali, Indonesia, where 50,000 foreigners work. As a result, this island state gets 65 million euro in monthly revenues, or 780 million euro per year worth of VAT from taxing foreigners alone.

“I think we can do a similar thing. Forecasts show that by 2035, around one billion people will work remotely. By further promoting tourism, I believe that we will attract foreign citizens to work and live in our country, thus also contributing to Serbia’s budget”, he concluded.

(Nova, 24.09.2020)



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