A luxury goods specialist to head Serbian delegation to UNESCO

Aleksandra Popović, sister of Miloš Popović, head of the Serbian Prime Minister’s cabinet, was recently appointed the first secretary of the Standing Delegation of Serbia to UNESCO.

This promotion comes after she was employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has graduated from the Diplomatic Academy, which is usually attended by children and spouses of numerous state and Serbian Progressive Party officials.

Judging by the information Aleksandra Popović has posted on her LinkedIn profile, the path to the diplomatic function in UNESCO was not so difficult for her. How much the fact that she is the sister of the head of Premier Ana Brnabić’s office helped her in this, one can only imagine.

Her studies did not indicate that she would one day hold a diplomatic post. Popović graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communication at the private Singidunum University and studied for a year in Paris, majoring in luxury goods, hardly an important field of specialization for being the first secretary of the Serbian delegation to UNESCO.

The key move towards her diplomatic career was, of course, studying at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSP), and the fact that Aleksandra Popović’s brother works for the Serbian Prime Minister. In recent years, the Academy, which once trained the best diplomats, has been in the public eye for entirely different reasons, i.e. its students were often related to state officials, be it their daughters, sons, brothers and sisters…

The referral of the institution where the Academy candidate worked is very important for the enrolment, and before enrolment, Popović worked as a foreign affairs advisor for only eight months. She was then employed as a brand manager in a marketing agency for a year and worked in marketing in Paris for four.

(Nova, 31.08.2021)


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