A group of investors, led by Bank of America, meets with NBS

The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Governor, Jorgovanka Tabakovic, and her team held talks in Belgrade with international investors at a meeting organized by the Bank of America, as part of their visit to Western Balkan countries.

The Governor pointed out that Serbia’s long-term successful cooperation with international investors is one of the prerequisites for the country’s further sustainable growth and success.

She assessed that the trust they have shown in their investment over a number of years obliges Serbia to exercise further responsibility, and prudence in its approach and in running the domestic economy, as well as to continue to ensure a certain, safe and stable investment environment.

She said Serbia has achieved record results in many areas, such as the highest inflow of foreign direct investments so far, record-high goods and services exports, record-high foreign exchange and gold reserves, constantly and dynamically growing dinar savings, as well as the lowest current account deficit relative to GDP and a record low unemployment rate.

The NBS said in a press release that international investors rest assured that inflation is on a certain, now eleven-month downward path and that in the coming period it is expected to further calm down towards the target band and the midpoint of 3 per cent, which will also lead to a gradual easing of domestic monetary conditions.

According to the investors’ assessment, Serbia already greatly exceeds the current level of credit rating and deserves its upgrade to an investment grade, at which it is already valued by market participants, said the press release.

(Euronews, 21.03.2024)


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