A big opposition rally in Belgrade today

The Serbia against Violence opposition coalition will hold its final election campaign rally at 6 pm today at Trg Republike in Belgrade, following which they will walk to the State Election Commission (RIK) building.

Miroslav Aleksic, who heads the Serbia against Violence election ticket, has invited all Serbian citizens who want to live in normalcy to join them at the Tuesday rally.

“We walked the streets of Serbia for six months and fought together for elections at which we will have the opportunity to choose the kind of country we want to live in. But before December 17, let’s show them that most of us want to live normal lives, we want our children to grow up safely, we do not want our country to be run by the mafia and crime, and we want to put an end to the plundering of the state. So join us tomorrow to talk about the politics of hope and share our faith in the possibility of change. Changes have begun! See you there!” said Aleksic.

Marinika Tepic, who also heads the Serbia against Violence election ticket, said there is little time left until the elections.

“There are six days left until the election. It is then that we will choose if this evil will stay in power for four more years or for just six more days,” said Tepic.

She added that the goal is within reach, “we need five percent more voters to cast their ballots than the last time to send this government to the political dump, their radicals’ one, where they belong. And to finally live normally!”

Radomir Lazovic, one of the main candidates on the Serbia against Violence election ticket, said the rally would be magnificent. “After the 7,500 kilometres we travelled in this campaign, after more than 20,000 doors we knocked on, hundreds of stands at which we talked to citizens, the final Serbia Against Violence coalition election campaign rally will be held in Belgrade on Tuesday,” said Lazovic.

He adds that two important messages will conveyed at the rally.

“The first is that the time has come for changes in Serbia. We have a plan to stop crime and galloping prices. As a first step after the change of government, all the demands put forward at the Serbia against Violence protests and Pink and Happy TVs having their national broadcasting frequency revoked will be met. The second important message that we will convey in front of the RIK building is that we will fight against electoral theft and defend the electoral will of the citizens,” concludes Lazovic.

(Nova.rs, 12.12.2023)


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