98 Facebook vendors blacklisted by Consumer Protection Association

The National Consumer Organization of Serbia (NOPS) and the Consumer Protection Association of Vojvodina (UZVP) have published a list of 98 vendors who are breaking trade laws on Facebook.

According to NOPS and UZPV, it is suspected that the blacklisted online vendors are not operating in accordance with regulations. The list was forwarded to the market inspection.

The list was not compiled on the basis of complaints from citizens, but on the basis of checks performed by the two consumer associations.

In most cases, these are clothes and shoe vendors. The two consumer protection associations say that the list, which is not final, was obtained based on an audit performed on some Facebook vendors.

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The audit was done because it was noticed that this year, when the turnover in e-commerce has increased, a large number of vendors are selling goods illegally on Facebook and not complying with ethical standards. Also, the consumer protection associations noticed that the vendors who are selling illegally are particularly present on Facebook.

The law on e-commerce prescribes what information the provider of e-commerce services must give, and among them clearly indicating the price and whether the price include delivery costs, other costs, taxes and other.

The list is the following:


(B92, 28.12.2020)






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