Announced the Vučević government composition. Confidence vote on May 1st

Today, at the meeting of the Presidency of the SNS, we deliberated on several issues and topics, the most important and intriguing of those being the proposal of candidates for the new Government of Serbia,” stated SNS President Miloš Vučević.

This is his suggestion for the ministers at Nemanjina 11: 

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister – Marko Đurić
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense – Bratislav Gašić
  • First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance – Siniša Mali
  • Minister of Internal and External Trade – Tomislav Momirović
  • Minister of Economy – Adrijana Mesarović
  • Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management – Aleksandar Martinović
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environmental Protection – Irena Vujović
  • Minister of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure – Goran Vesić
  • Minister of Mining and Energy – Dubravka Đedović Handanović
  • Minister of Justice – Maja Popović
  • Minister for Public Administration and Local Self-Government – Jelena Kovačević
  • Minister for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue – Tomislav Žigmanov
  • Minister of Internal Affairs – Ivica Dačić
  • Minister of Education- Slavica Đukić Dejanović
  • Minister of Science, Innovation, and Technological Development – Jelena Begović
  • Minister of Health – Zlatibor Lončar
  • Minister of European Integration – Tanja Miščević
  • Minister of Labor, Veterans, and Social Affairs – Nemanja Starović
  • Minister for Family Welfare and Demography – Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski
  • Minister of Sports – Zoran Gajić
  • Minister of Information and Telecommunications – Dejan Ristić
  • Minister for Public Investments – Darko Glišić
  • Minister of Tourism and Youth – Husein Memić
  • Minister of Culture – Nikola Selaković
  • Minister for Rural Development- Milan Krkobabić
  • Deputy Prime Minister – Aleksandar Vulin
  • Ministers without Portfolio: Novica Tončev, Đorđe Milićević, Usame Zukorlić, Nenad Popović, Tatjana Macura

Mandate-holder Vučević stated that today he will submit a request to the President of the Serbian Parliament, Ana Brnabić, to convene a session for May 1st, during which he will present his exposé, work plan, and proposal for the composition of the Serbian government.

Vučević added that among the proposals, eight new names are emerging, and that even 10 members of the new Serbian government are women. “In essence, we have one-third of the ministers who were not part of Ana Brnabić’s cabinet. Regarding non-party-affiliated individuals, we have proposed four candidates who are not members of any political party,” Vučević said,  who also mentioned that the current Minister of Culture, Maja Gojković, will be the mandate-holder for forming the new Vojvodina provincial government.

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