Vlahović: Serbia needs a responsible fiscal policy and to reform public enterprises

Serbia should continue with a monetary policy that has succeeded in curbing inflation and have a responsible fiscal policy that will primarily improve the efficiency of managing large-scale projects, said today at the closing of the Kopaonik Business Forum, the president of the Association of Serbian Economists, Aleksandar Vlahović.

He assessed that it is necessary to improve the principle of programme budgeting and to work on creating prerequisites for an effective response to a potential fiscal crisis, reports Beta news agency.

“We need to continue reforming public companies. We heard that these reforms are underway, which means that next year we will have much more visible progress when it comes to business and financial consolidation, Serbian budget and the budget of large public companies,” Vlahović said.

He added that, at the same time, we need to work on improving the business environment, the quality of institutions, both independent and market ones, and the rule of law.

“Serbia should invest in education, because education in the digital age, in the age of industrial revolution 4.0, requires a different approach based on the principle of lifelong learning, developing creativity and adaptability because without human resources there is no way to achieve future growth,” he said.

He recommends expediting the health reform because the demographic situation in Serbia is not favourable and the population is getting older, which exerts a big pressure on the health system.

“I expect that the year ahead will be somewhat more relaxed and easier when it comes to the living standard. First of all, due to the fact that inflation will be lower and we expect to see a drop in interest rates on loans and European Central Bank interest rates from mid-year onward, which will make loans cheaper and thus, among other things, make life easier for people in our country this year,” Vlahović concluded.

(Biznis.rs, 07.03.2024)


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