Non-taxable part of salaries higher from 1 February

According to the Law on Personal Income Tax, the non-taxable part of income is adjusted every year, according to the consumer price index from the previous year.

Thus, in relation to the 2023 index, the non-taxable part of the salary has gone up and will be applicable from February 1, 2024, to January 31, 2025.

In mid-2023, it was determined that the new tax-free part of a salary would be  25,000 dinars, an increase from the previous year’s 21,712 dinars. The non-taxable amount for commuting to and from work has also increased from last year’s 5,017 dinars to 5,398 dinars this year.

The tax-free part of per diems was also increased by slightly to 3,241 dinars. The non-taxable amount of transport costs incurred during a business trip will now amount to 9,449 dinars.

Furthermore, Christmas gifts for employee’s children will not be taxed if they don’t exceed the amount of 13,497 dinars. Financial assistance in the event of the death of an employee’s family member is almost 8,000 dinars higher and will amount to 94,472 dinars from February, while financial assistance in the event of the death of an employee or retired employee has also been increased to the same amount of 94,472 dinars.

The tax-free premium for voluntary health insurance and pension will be 8,101 dinars according to the new calculation, while scholarships and student loans, paid by companies, will not be taxed if they do not go over 41,381 dinars.

(, 30.01.2024)

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