90% of Fiat Plastik’s workers on strike

Fiat Plastik’s workers, suppliers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Kragujevac, have resumed the general strike yesterday after a ten-day break during which FCA workers were also off work, says Zoran Miljković, head of the Strike Committee.

Miljkovic says that the 10-day paid vacation in FCA was forced, among other things, due to the general strike of Fiat Plastik, a company that produces bumpers for 500 L vehicles.

“We expect that the second shift in FCA will also be suspended because there are no bumpers for the cars, while the first shift will probably be suspended tomorrow. We choose to go on strike on days that would be least financially detrimental for our workers. FCA has big production problems and has been recording huge financial losses. 90% of Fiat Plastik’s workers are on strike except for the legal department and administration staff,” Miljković adds.

Five days ago, the Fiat Plastik Strike Committee had asked the Labour Inspectorate to come to the company and order the management to show the employees internal documents that regulate the company’s operations.

Strikers want the company to reinstate the vacation allowance from the January 1, 2021 level, paid vacations to be calculated at 65% of salary and not 60%, and the compensation for the years of service to be paid at 0.5% per year, as in FCA, and not at 0.4%.

(Nova, 08.03.2021)


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