Ahead of December election – 18 election lists to vote for

A total of 2,817 candidates, spread across 18 election lists, will fight for 250 seats in the National Parliament, in the December 17th election. They are as follows:

  1. Aleksandar Vučić – ‘Serbia Must Not Stop’

Two days after the elections were announced, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and its coalition partners were the first to submit signatures supporting the “Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not stop” election list to the State Electoral Commission (RIK). The SNS submitted a list with close to 93,000 signatures (according to the election laws, 10,000 signatures are needed for a list, that is not a national minority list, to take part in an election). SNS will take part in the upcoming election together with the Social Democratic Party of Rasim Ljajić, the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia Milan Krkobabić, the Socialist Movement whose founder is the former head of the Security and Information Agency (BIA) Aleksandar Vulin, the Serbian Movement of Renewal of Vuk Drašković and the Serbian People’s Party of Nenad Popović, who are on the same election list. Public figures who support SNS and are also election candidates include tennis player Janko Tipsarević and former basketball players Dejan Tomašević and Željko Rebrača,

  1. Ivica Dačić – “The Prime Minister of Serbia”

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) is entering the new election campaign with the same slogan as more than a year and a half ago. Although the SPS then entered the government led by the SNS, Dačić did not become prime minister, a position he held twice (from 2012 to 2014, as well as for a month – from May 31 to June 29, 2017). This time around SPS is taking part in the election together with The United Serbia (JS) of Dragan Marković, the old coalition partner of the Socialists, as well as the Greens of Serbia.

  1. Dr Vojislav Šešelj – The Serbian Radical Party

The Serbian Radical Party is also participating in the elections independently but has agreed to form an election coalition with the ruling SNS in certain municipalities and cities. Although immediately after Aleksandar Vučić and Tomislav Nikolić left the Serbian Radical Party, the Radicals were very critical of the SNS, this animosity subsided over time and recently the leader of the Radicals, Vojislav Šešelj, spoke highly of Vučić criticized each other, the blade came out over time, so the radical leader Vojislav Šešelj often spoke highly of Vučić and his policies.

  1. ‘Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski – Boško Obradović – National Gathering – National Power’

The Serbian party Zavetnici and the Serbian movement Dveri joined forces for the upcoming elections. The first on the list is the leader of Zavetnici, Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski, while the second-ranked is the president of Dveri, Boško Obradović. Both parties are in favour of Kosovo remaining within the borders of Serbia, but they are also against the country’s entry into the European Union and NATO.

  1. Dr Miloš Jovanović – ‘Hope for Serbia’

The first candidate on this election list is Miloš Jovanović followed by Vojislav Mihajlović, the grandson of Dragoslav Draža Mihajlović, a general of the Yugoslav Royal Army and later the leader of the Chetnik movement, who was shot by the communist authorities after the Second World War, on the charge of being a Nazi ally.

  1. “Union of Vojvodina Hungarians – For our President, our community, the future!”

Just before the elections, the leader of the Union of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM), Istvan Pasztor died, so his son Balint was elected as the party’s acting leader. In previous years, this minority party cooperated with the ruling SNS and supported most of the legislative proposals in the Serbian Parliament. Combating illegal migration, strategic partnership between Serbia and Hungary, European integration, and development of infrastructure and economy are the main points of the SVM programme.

  1. “Serbia against violence – Miroslav Miki Aleksić – Marinika Tepić”

Under the slogan of the mass street protests that erupted after two mass murders in Belgrade at the beginning of May this year, in which 19 children and young people died, parties that call themselves pro-European are running for elections on a joint election list. The backbone of the list is the Freedom and Justice Party of Dragan Đilas, the former mayor of Belgrade.  The list also includes the National Movement of Serbia – Miroslav Aleksić, an MP in the previous convocation of the Serbian Parliament, who until a few months ago was a top official at Vuk Jeremić’s People’s Party, Vuk Jeremic, former Serbian Foreign Minister and envoy to the UN. Following the rift in Jeremić’s party, Aleksić left and formed his own party, while taking with himself several prominent members of the People’s Party. Other candidates on the list include Marinika Tepić, the former Chief of Staff of the Serbian Army, Zdravko Ponoš, Nebojša Zelenović, the former mayor of Šabac, Biljana Stojković, a candidate from the Green Party, scientist Tijana Perić Diligenski and lawyer Danijela Nestorović, among others.

  1. ‘Usame Zukorlić – United for Justice’

The Bosniak-Croat coalition has the status of the national minority in the elections for deputies of the Serbian Parliament. There are 65 candidates for deputies on the list, which were supported by signatures of 6,336 voters. The coalition’s leader, Usame Zukorlić, said that they want to offer proper representation of national communities and actively work to solve their problems. Tomislav Žigmanov, the leader of the Democratic Party of Croatians in Vojvodina, is one of the list’s candidates.

  1. SDA Sandžak – Dr. Sulejman Ugljanin

The SDA Sandžak – Dr. Sulejman Ugljanin list has 22 candidates, mostly engineers, professors, doctors, and students. The preservation of the individual and collective rights of Bosniaks is the main aim of this election list. Almost all candidates from the list come from Tutin, Sjenica and Novi Pazar, where Bosniaks make up the majority of the population.

  1. “Together for the Future and Development – Coalition for Peace and Tolerance”

The coalition consists of the Bosniak Civic Party, the Party of Montenegrins, the Vlach People’s Party, the Civic Alliance of Hungarians, the Democratic Union of Croats and the Civic Party of the Greeks of Serbia. This coalition has 60 candidates.

  1. ‘The People’s Party – A safe choice. serious people’

The list is helmed by Vuk Jeremić, former Serbian Foreign Minister, followed by the renowned screenwriter and theatre director, Siniša Kovačević, doctor of psychiatry Sanda Rašković Ivić and lawyer Vladimir Gajić. This party nominated 250 candidates, as many seats as there are in the Serbian Parliament. The People’s Party split in two a few months ago, with Miroslav Aleksić leaving the party and forming the Serbian against Violence coalition.  As one of the trump cards, Jeremić points out that his party is “the only one from the opposition bloc that will take part in the elections independently, that is, in a coalition with the people”. They are against the French-German plan for Kosovo and are in favour of banning lithium mining in Serbia.

  1. Saša Radulović (Dosta je Bilo – DJB) – Boris Tadić (Social Democratic Party – SDS) – Ana Pejić (Otete Bebe/Kidnapped Babies) – Good Morning Serbia

The list’s main candidates include the leader of the Dosta je Bilo party and the former Economy Minister in the Vučić-led government, Saša Radulović, the former Serbian president, Boris Tadić and Ana Pejić from the Kidnapped Babies Movement. The list also includes the renowned writer Vida Ognjenović.

  1. “The political struggle of the Albanians continues – Shaip Kamberi’

This election list has nine candidates and the status of a national minority list. A lawyer by profession, Shaip Kamberi is the president of the municipal committee of the Party for Democratic Action in Bujanovac, a southern town with a predominantly Albanian population. He was the president of the municipality of Bujanovac from 2008 to 2012 and a deputy from 2014 to 2016 and again in 2020.

  1. “We are the voice of the people – Dr. Branimir Nestorović”

The list is headed by Dr. Branimir Nestorović, who became known to the general public at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when he declared that it was the most ridiculous virus in history and that people had nothing to fear. At the beginning of the pandemic, he was a member of the Corona Virus Crisis Team. Nestorović is a paediatrician and an expert in pulmonology and allergology.

  1. ‘Serbia in the West – Zoran Vuletić – Nemanja Milošević – Vladimir Kovačević’

This list has 110 candidates, led by industrialist Vladimir Kovačević and entrepreneur Zoran Vuletić. The third candidate on the list is Ivan Videnović, a University of Belgrade professor. The list advocates “Serbia’s immediate entry into NATO and accelerated EU accession, sanctions against Russia, sending aid to Ukraine, friendly relations with Kosovo, recognition of the genocide in Srebrenica and decisive de-clericalization of the state.”

  1. Russian Party – Slobodan Nikolić

This election list advocates Serbia’s entry into the Eurasian Economic Union and Serbia’s full membership in the Common Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which was founded in 1992 by several former Soviet states, including Russia and Belarus. The first candidate on the list is Slobodan Nikolić, a pensioner and president of the Russian Party. This list has 22 candidates.

  1. ‘Čedomir Jovanović – It Must be Done Differently’

Čedomir Jovanović, a former member of the government led by Zoran Đinđić, leads the list. He was one of the leaders of the student protest in 1996/97 against Slobodan Milošević. From 1998 to 2005, Jovanović was a member of the Democratic Party, which has since split into several parties. Subsequently, Čedomir Jovanović created his own party – the Liberal Democratic Party – which he still leads.

  1. Coalition Albanian Democratic Alternative – United Valley (Alternativa Demokratike Shqiptare – Lugina e Lugina)

This list has five candidates and it has a minority status.

(BBC Serbia, 29.11.2023)


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