87% of companies do not inform candidates of the outcome of job interviews

According to a survey conducted by the job website Jobs Infostud, 87% of candidates who applied for a job this year said they did not receive a response from the employer on the outcome of their interview.

In a survey assessing how companies operate, candidates rated the selection and recruitment process on the ads they applied for during the year. “This year, candidates rated the way the company scheduled the interview, the quality of the information they obtained about the job, the speed of completion of the selection process, as well as the communication about the final outcome with grades from 1 to 5,” Jobs Infostud said.

23,824 candidates participated in the survey, assessing 28,615 vacancies offered by 7,697 employers. “The lack of response on the selection outcome in past years had the worst average rating, with improvement noticed in 2020. However, since last year, the lack of feedback has increased again, with as many as 87% of job candidates giving the grade of 1.5 to employers on the account of their feedback,” the press release said.

It seems that employers do not care about the impression they leave on candidates, who have stated in previous surveys that they will avoid applying for such companies in the future (47%), one in four will speak negatively about the company to family and friends and 9% will even avoid using or buying all of the company’s products and services.

(N1, 13.12.2021)



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