800,000 people in Serbia have fertility problems

The psychological damage that fertility issues can cause in couples and individuals who are in the IVF process is the theme of the exhibition titled “Infertility of Pain”, staged by the association “The Chance for Parenting”.

The association is a member of the global health association Fertility Europe, one of the organizers of the European Infertility Week. The exhibition that will take place in Novi Sad’s Edjseg Cultural Station on November 10th will showcase 40 different, highly emotionally charged case related to infertility.

“Infertility in Serbia is equally represented in men and women, in more than 800,000 people, and this should in no way discourage couples who want to become parents. The aim of the exhibition “Infertility of Pain” is to highlight the struggles of people undergoing the IVF procedure, but also to those who are not, their ups and downs and their determination not to give up. In particular, with this exhibition, we would like to point out that IVF is a difficult emotional process, but that the couples who are battling infertility problems are not alone. In order to provide the necessary support to people who are struggling with this problem, we invite all interested to visit the exhibition and send us a photo that illustrates the theme of the exhibition to [email protected] ,” said Sandra Jovanović, President of the Association” The Chance for Parenting “.

This year, the European Infertility Week will be held on November 5-11 and celebrate the 40th birthday of the first IVF baby in the world, Louise Brown. The first IVF treatment was administered in 1978, and since then, between six and eight million babies have been born through in vitro fertilization which is considered one of the most humane achievements of the modern medicine.

Renowned gynaecologists and psychologists will attend the exhibition in Novi Sad and will be available to reply to questions and dispense advice. After the exhibition, the photographs will be exhibited at various outpatient IVF clinics throughout Serbia.

(Danas, 30.10.2018)




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