8.9% more crops sown in Serbia compared to the previous year

In Serbia, 873,187 hectares were sown in the autumn of 2022, which, compared to the final sowing results in 2021, is an 8.9 percent increase, the State Statistical Office announced.

Observed by crops, more wheat (by 6.1%), barley (by 19.3%), oilseed rape (by 30.9%) and oats (by 17.4%) were sown, while less rye (by 3 .6%).

According to published data, the largest area sown is wheat, a total of 665,718 hectares.

This is followed by 108,839 hectares of barley, while oats are sown on 17,027 hectares. Rye was sown on 5,379 hectares, and rapeseed on 38,018 hectares.

“Compared to the ten-year average of autumn sowing (2012‒2021), the areas under wheat increased by 13.6 percent,” the Statistical Office stated.

(Biznis i Finansije, 02.03.2023)


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