8.5 mln EUR a day lost in shadow economy

Serbian Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ana Brnabic said today that 8.5 million EUR was lost in shadow economy each day, and that, in January when the citizens started collecting receipts to participate in the government-run prize game, the number of issued receipts went up by 83.5%.

At the press conference after the meeting of the Council of Mixed Chambers of Commerce at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, she said that the government received a total of 8.5 million envelopes with receipts, and that approximately 45% of citizens participated in the game.

The minister went on to say that ever since the Action Plan on Combating Shadow Economy started to be implemented in December 2015, the number of newly registered small businesses went up by 15%, while the number of closed businesses declined by 9%.

Brnabic informed that the team of six people from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will help the Coordination Commission that manages 42 individual inspection departments.

According to Brnabic, the creation of the e-inspector platform, on which the government spent 1.6 million EUR, will be an important measure for combating shadow economy because it will enable people to report companies and individuals that are operating in the shadow economy.

“In 2015 and 2016, we found 34,047 undocumented workers. After the relevant inspection control, the employers registered 27,863 of those workers”, the minister added.

(eKapija, 12.04.2017)


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