78% of people in Serbia in favour of mandatory vaccination

Around 82% of Europeans and 78% of Serbian citizens would support compulsory vaccination, according to the results of a survey presented yesterday by the Stada Group as part of the new Health Report, which includes an appendix on pandemic behaviour and assessments of the health system.

The research was conducted in 12 countries, while the coronavirus supplement was done from 23 to 27 April with respondents only from Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Great Britain and Serbia.

The Report shows that Spanish citizens are the most open to compulsory vaccination (94%) while Austria (72%) and Switzerland (70%) are least enthusiastic about vaccination.

When it comes to the coronavirus, 42% of Europeans are worried because there is no vaccine and 40% are afraid of losing their jobs. The fear of losing your job is particularly pronounced in Italy (48%) and Russia (53%).

The report shows that 1 in 6 respondents in Serbia are not concerned about the pandemic at all, while only 27% of respondents said they are concerned about the economic consequences and job losses.

When asked how satisfied they are with the medical care received during the pandemic, the citizens of Spain (75%) and Great Britain (74%) are the most satisfied with their healthcare system.

In general, 61% of Europeans are satisfied with the health service in their respective countries, 15% are critical of it and 44% of respondents said they now, after the pandemic, have renewed respect for the health care workers.

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A part of the research was also dedicated to innovation, and there is a visible increase (54% to 70%) in the number of people who would agree to a video consultation with a doctor for minor diseases. In Serbia, this percentage rises to 75%.

On the other hand, when it comes to innovation related to genetic modification, half of the respondents would agree to such therapy to be used only in the treatment of serious diseases, while 16% say they would rather be sick than consent to the modification of their genes.

Finally, 73% of Serbian citizens think that it is important to have an electronic health insurance card so that it can be forwarded by email to a specialist.

78% would go to work even when they have a cold and 61% would have an intimate relationship with their partner if they had a cold.

(Danas, 18.06.2020)



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