77% girls believe that women are discriminated against in Serbia

As many as 77 percent of girls recognize that there is discrimination against women in Serbia, while 45 percent of them have experienced certain types of discrimination at school just because they are girls, Svetlana Stefanović, from the Academy of Female Leadership, told FoNet news agency, referring to the results of the “Girls have a say” research.

1,542 girls of high school age from all over Serbia participated in the research.

According to her, the goal of the research was to find out the attitudes of the girls about what they see as important for their further career development, which professions they choose and who influences their decisions.

“The results of the research showed that almost 56 percent of the girls make their own decisions about what they want and how they want to move forward,” Stefanović pointed out.

She underlined that girls most often seek the support of their relatives, but primarily as advice, and not as something that decisively affects their decision-making regarding further education and career development.

Stefanović said that the research showed that girls try to solve most of the challenges by themselves.

She added that 23 percent of girls see their mother as the No 1 leader, while in their local communities they usually do not recognize female leaders.

Apart from mothers, girls see their sisters, aunts, and then teachers as leaders.

When it comes to information channels that girls use to find out more about career development, Stefanović states that 44 percent of them are informed through websites intended for women, 20 percent through TikTok and 16 through Instagram.

Speaking about equality, Stefanović noted that girls recognize equality as the equality of men and women, in the sense that they have the same rights and obligations, but that they are also aware that this is not always the case in practice.

(Danas, 21.02.2024)


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