74,000 pieces of firearms handed over to the police

Bojana Otović Pjanović from the Interior Ministry says that citizens can hand in their weapons today and tomorrow, as part of the amnesty campaign, and they won’t be charged for owning a firearm without a proper licence.

She also said that a total of 78,103 weapons have been handed in since the beginning of the campaign, of which 57,651 were firearms and 20,451 explosive devices.

She added that 2,692,641 ammunition rounds were handed over too.

She reminded that citizens can hand over the weapons without being held criminally responsible and without the need to identify themselves, leave any personal information or prove the weapon’s origin.

Otović Pjanović also noted that the only exemption to this rule relates to weapons that were inherited after the death of their owner. In that case, citizens must identify themselves when handing in the weapons.

(Politika, 07.06.2023)


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