70,000 people to greet Putin in Belgrade

Vladimir Putin, who is visiting Serbia on January 17th, will be welcomed by more than 70,000 people who will greet him in front of St. Sava’s Temple in Belgrade.

Tanjug is reporting, citing Vecernje Novosti, that this welcome party will be organized by the non-governmental sector and patriotic organizations, while the ruling SNS party is expected to give its support.

According to the article, the plan is for the participants to gather in the Republic Square and then walk over to the temple, in order to arrive at there at the same time as the leader of the Russian Federation. 

“The organizers’ intention is to show in this way the respect they have for the Russian president, who is responsible for strengthening friendly relations between the two brotherly states, but also the gratitude to the largest Slavic country for supporting Serbia’s territorial integrity in the international arena,” the newspaper writes. 

The details of Putin’s visit will have been worked out in detail by Saturday. Putin’s “advance party” is expected to arrive in Belgrade in order to check, along with our security officers, that everything is exactly as it should be ahead of this significant visit, writes Vecernje Novosti.

It is estimated that from 4,000 to 7,000 police officers will be engaged as security, including other members of special units of the Serbian Interior Ministry and the Serbian Armed Forces, the BIA, the VBA and the VOA.

The Kurir daily said that the movements of the pedestrians in the area will be severely limited, and the security in central railway and bus stations, the airport and the access roads to Belgrade will be upped, where members of the gendarmerie will be deployed with their full equipment.

 The newspaper also says that the online communication between Serbia and abroad will be closely monitored.

A member of the World Association of Police Chiefs, Marko Nicovic, said that along with these old methods of protection, they will also use high-security measures to secure Putin.

“Putin is the most secure target in the world, and every single detail is checked.  His security was in the so-called reconnaissance camps several months ago to prepare a protection a plan in detail, with a team of 250 specialists, who also come from the field of pharmacy, medicine, chemical and electronic weapons”, said Nicovic.

(021.rs, 10.01.2019)



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