70% of girls in Serbia have been sexually harassed

The survey titled ‘Recognise violence, say no’ showed that more than half of the girls in Serbia have been victims of stalking, while about 70 per cent of them have experienced sexual harassment, reports ‘Beta’.

The research, in which 970 Serbian girls, aged 13 to 19, participated, was conducted in June by the associations Mame su Zakon and Putevi Edukacije, and was symbolically published on World Children’s Day.

The percentage of girls who reported having experienced violence increases dramatically between the ages of 15 and 18, where on average one in three respondents reported having experienced some form of sexual violence.

Among 19-year-old respondents, as many as 54% said they had experienced some form of sexual violence, which is more than any other respondent in this age group.

“From a comparative analysis of the data obtained from the survey, we can conclude that sexual violence against girls and young women increases dramatically at the age of 15, which may be associated with their transition from elementary to high school, change of environment and increased freedom of movement, as well as age characteristics resulting from physical maturation,” Tatjana Matsura of the Mame su Zakon Association said for the Blic daily.

(Nova, 23.11.2021)


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