70 million EUR from the EU and the World Bank for prevention of natural disasters

The director of the Government’s Office for Reconstruction and Relief, Marko Blagojevic says that, following the recent flooding, the government will start implementing projects aimed at the prevention of natural disasters, valued at approximately 70 million EUR.

After an international meeting of natural disaster risk reduction experts, Blagojevic said that 50 million EUR was donated, 40 million came from the European funds and 20 million was a loan granted by the World Bank. Blagojevic also stated that the projects entail devising risk plans, creating water resources information system, flood forecasting systems, early warning systems, and construction of new anti-flood facilities.

According to Blagojevic, new projects will be implemented in Paracin, Svilajnac, Šabac, Bogatić, Aleksinac, Backa Palanka, Raska, Novi Pazar and Negotin. A total of 60km of channels in Obrenovac and 36km in Surcin and Novi Beograd will be cleaned. The project also stipulates acquisition of mobile anti-flooding equipment.

“Last year was the year of reconstruction, but 2015 will be the year for prevention. The same mistakes must not be repeated” said Blagojevic, underlining that the international meeting of experts from 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the United States, was important because they could contribute with their know-how and experience to drafting of a new law and devising of a sustainable system of natural disaster risk management. Close to 40 experts, with substantial experience in this field, will visit Belgrade and the municipalities where the local autonomies will have the opportunity to share with them their own experiences regarding reducing the risk from natural disasters.

(Beta, 18.05.2015)

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