7.5% inflation rate in Serbia

According to the State Bureau of Statistics data published on Monday, consumer prices in Serbia increased by 7.5 percent in one year, equivalent to inflation in November this year compared to November 2020.

Food, oils and fats prices have risen the most, by 22.5 percent, followed by vegetables by 20.5 percent and fruit 16.9 percent.

Energy prices increased by 13.6 percent in the same period, primarily due to a 25.1 percent increase in oil prices on the domestic market.

According to official statistics, meat’s price has increased by 14.1 percent since November 2020.

Fuel and lubricants for passenger cars have also become 24 percent more expensive. The prices of vehicle rental services rose by 19 percent.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages did not record a drop in prices from last year to November 2021.

Lower prices by 0.5 percent were recorded in footwear and footwear repair services, followed by 0.3 percent for household textiles.

The National Bank of Serbia has said that the increase in year-on-year inflation compared to October’s 6.6 percent, was still driven by the growing food and energy prices.

(B92, 14.12.2021)



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