6th European Literature Festival in Belgrade

One of the most popular literary events in Serbia – the European Literature Festival – takes place this year under the slogan “The best of everything. The best for everyone”.

Dom Omladine Beograda (the Belgrade Youth Center) and Arhipelag publishing house are organizing the 6th Belgrade Festival of European Literature that takes place from 27th to 30th June. Visitors can expect exciting literary, film and fine art presentations. The following writers will be the guests of this year’s festival – German writer Thomas Meinecke, one of the most famous Slovenian writers Feri Lainscek, an Israeli poet Amir Or, an Italian writer Claudio Margis, a Croatian poet and essayist Branko Cegec and popular narrator from Serbia Mihajlo Pantic.

The festival is an open, multi-media event where the literature is presented through different forms – from books and public readings, conversations with festival participants, exhibitions, retrospectives of modern feature and documentary films based on literature, video presentations and other events.

At the festival, the visitors will have the opportunity to listen to seven readings of foreign and local writers. On the programme are four film screenings within the retrospective “Literature on Film”, and a panel discussion on populism in contemporary culture, society and politics. Yuko Shimizu, the world famous artist and illustrator, will open the festival with the exhibition “Wild Swan” based on book by Michael Cunningham. The festival takes place at the Great Hall of Dom Omladine Beograda. During festival, every day at 19:00 and at 20:00, there will be reading sessions by local and foreign writers. The film screenings will take place right after that, at 21:00h.

(Belgrade Beat, 24.06.2017)


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