60% of young people planning to leave Serbia

Since 2000, 12th August has been celebrated as the International Youth Day. How much does Serbia care about its youth?

Krovna Organizacija Mladih Serbije (KOMS – Umbrella Organization of Youth of Serbia) says that the state’s concern about youth is far from sufficient.

KOMS is appealing to all stakeholders in the creation of youth policy to improve the position of young people in order to change the negative statistics. The figures show that as many as 60 percent of young people are planning to leave the country and their reasons are not only economical, but also have to do with the value system in the country.

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“It’s rare to see on television that the President of the Prime Minister or anyone else from the very top addresses youth. One of the things I would like to hear is that after a young person graduates from university that there will be at least some kind of guarantee that they will find a job so that they will not have to leave the country. Of course, I understand that we have to look for jobs ourselves too”, said Milan Zikic, a student.

“In order for us to stay, offer us a better quality education”, says 20-year-old Jovana. “And that does not mean that Serbian authorities should invest more in the curricula, but in staff too”, she adds.

If we were to believe the statistics, the life of young people in Serbia is generally not easy. The research, conducted by KOMS, shows that in 2018, 124,000 people, ages between 15 to 30, did not have a job. And if they do work, they can barely make the ends meet because only 12 percent of young people have a salary higher than the average Serbian salary. 26 percent of them receive a salary that is lower than the Serbian average , while 61 percent are not making any money.

“What should be of great concern to us is that 9 out of 10 young people are unmarried, that almost 7 out of 10 them live with their families, that is, with their parents, and that only 1 out of 10 young people live in their own apartment”, says Boban Stojanovic, the author of the research.

In addition to making more money, young people want feel safer, as well as live in Serbia that does not perpetuate wrong values and corruption.  

The aforementioned survey has also shown that, in 2018, as many as 60 percent of young people, aged 15 to 30, were planning to leave the country for good.

(N1, 12.08.2018)


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