60% of Serbian companies generated profit in 2016

Almost 60% companies in Serbia recorded profit in 2016. Also, 14 different economy sectors generated profit on the whole, including large, small and medium enterprises and public companies.

This is what Ruzica Stamenkovic from the Business Register Agency said at a press conference apropos the launch of the publication “Statements about Company Operations in 2016”. She also said that, due to the positive developments in Serbian economic environment, economic activity in 2016 grew by 28.4%.

This, in turn, made it possible to overcome the current operational risks and for the companies to generate 3.4 times better financial results relative to the year before, which amounted to 229.3 billion dinars.

Stamenkovic also points out that, in 2016, public enterprises also generated profit which had grown by 61% compared to 2015. Furthermore, the financial capacity of the Serbian economy grew by 6.3%, while business assets went up by 6%.

Liabilities (or borrowed capital) recorded a small growth of 4.6% which is a positive trend in relation to borrowed against own capital.

“Indebtedness, liquidity, solvency and profitability rates are moving in the positive direction and have substantially improved but not enough to remedy the financial standing of the Serbian economy which had been suffering for years”, Stamenkovic also said.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.06.2017)




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