5G in Serbia as of 2021

The auction for the frequency bands for the 5G network in Serbia will be postponed due to the epidemic and is likely to be held in the first quarter of 2021, the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications informs.

Deputy Minister Irina Reljin told Tanjug news agency that mobile phone operators are already turning to the Ministry to purchase the frequency spectrum for the new 5G services.

She said that 98% of Serbia is covered by the 4G network and that most services can be covered by this technology, but with the new 5G service, the network will be expanded and a new technology will be introduced.

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Reljin says that 4G is considered relatively old technology and that an auction for 5G frequency is expected to be announced, initially scheduled for the end of this year and postponed due to the pandemic.

“To maintain the quality of mobile service, operators need more spectrum, so it makes sense to introduce new technologies,” Reljin continued.

There is an incredible rush to introduce the 5G network worldwide, while some countries have implemented it quite a long time ago such as South Korea, while the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the United States and Slovenia are currently expanding the network.

“Japan has developed a strategy for the implementation of 6G. By the end of 2030, that country will have 6G throughout its territory,” Reljin concluded.

(Sputnik News, 27.07.2020)


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