5G could be launched in Serbia next year

Serbia’s Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanovic, said at it would be possible to launch the 5G network in Serbia next year.

A public debate on the regulation of the 5G network will begin in the following days, and after that, the competition for the allocation of frequencies will be launched.

The auction for the 5G network was envisaged three years ago, but then it was said that it might not be the right moment for such an endeavour.

Jovanovic told RTS that several steps are needed before the implementation of the 5G network in Serbia and that the first one was made this year when the National Parliament, following the Government’s proposal, adopted the Law on Electronic Communications, which defines next-generation networks and obligation to provide fast and secure Internet to all citizens.

The second step is the regulation, which will be discussed by MPs next week.

„There is a good reason why I can say that now is the right time to slowly start preparing for the 5G network and that we expect to have the first users by the end of 2024, that is, next year. One of the important reasons that we didn’t do it earlier is that we weren’t ready in terms of laws and by-laws. Namely, this year we passed the Law on Electronic Communications. In April, the National Parliament adopted this law and it is the basic telecommunications law that defines this area. Once the law is adopted, I expect that next year MPs will determine in more detail how we will conduct a 5G auction,“ said Jovanovic.

As for the advantages of the 5G network and the benefits for people in Serbia, Minister Jovanovic said that everybody would benefit from it – both the citizens and businesses.

Two things are important from the technical side. Compared to the 4G network, the 5G network enables enable a far higher Internet flow, which is crucial in modern telecommunications. The second important thing is that the delay of data transfer in 5G is practically reduced to a minimum.

“We have a good 4G network and we have three excellent mobile operators which are competing in the market. What is special about the 5G network is that it enables a much higher data flow and that delays are practically negligible. The 5G network is much more applicable in industry, economy, development, innovations, science and technology,” the minister concluded.

(eKapija, 17.09.2023)


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