580 calls made to undocumented work hotline in two days

Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic and Director of the Labour Inspectorate, Stevan Djurovic, spoke with inspectors from all over Serbia about the results achieved so far, as well as about the ways to improve their future work.

Djordjevic thanked all the inspectors for everything they have done so far, adding that they did a great job that was of great benefit for the state, but also for its citizens.

“The project ‘Say NO to Undocumented Labour’ is very important for the country and its citizens, but it also means that we have a great responsibility towards Norway, which helped the implementation of this project. If we do this project well, I’m sure that many other cooperation options will be opened for us”, Djordjevic added.

He pointed out the government would continue cooperating with the Scandinavian countries various projects, because Serbia has their support in trying to emulate those segments in which those countries lead.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs has set up a free phone line for reporting undocumented work. The Minister said that the hotline operators had received over 580 calls in only two days since the line’s launch. Out of the 110 calls, 47 reported cases qualify to be checked by labour inspectors.

Out of 375 inspected companies in only two Belgrade municipalities, labour inspectors found 137 undocumented workers in the space of just one day.

(Kamatica, 13.03.2018)





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