$50mln from the World Bank available to Serbian farmers

The editor of Agrobiznis magazine, Goran Djaković, says that farmers in Serbia will receive a grant from the World Bank in the amount of $ 50 million next year, 50% of which they will not have to repay.

“Next year, we will the highest amount of funds available to us to make investments in agriculture, because, among other things, we will receive 50 million dollars from the World Bank,” Djakovic told RTS.

He added that the financing project is expected to start in the spring.

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“The farmers will get the money upfront; 50% of it will be paid in advance, 40% will be provided by banks and 10% will be their share “, explained Djakovic.

Djakovic also underlined that, never before, farmers had such favourable financing conditions at their disposal, except for young farmers who are entitled of 70% advance disbursement.

(eKapija, 19.10.2020)


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