5,000 apartments and other facilities to be built in IMT industrial zone in Novi Beograd

A residential and commercial complex will be built on the land that formerly belonged to the now-defunct company IMT in Novi Beograd.

According to the draft Detailed Master Plan (PDR) covering the area between Jurija Gagarina and Zemunska streets, recently published by the Urban Planning and Construction Secretariat, the plan is to build over 5,000 apartments on 47.8 hectares of land, several kindergartens, two primary schools, as well as commercial facilities, spanning on approximately 150,000 square metres.

The plan covers the area of a larger industrial complex, which includes the location of the disused tractor factory and the FMO factory. The first phase covers the area between Jurija Gagarina and Omladinskih Brigada streets, the Airport City complex, Zemunska Street, the Movem complex, and the planned Nova 4 road.

The commercial facilities will include retail facilities (department stores, supermarkets, specialised and mixed shops, shopping centres, discount shops), business facilities (commercial and financial institutions, company branches, companies and agencies for the provision of commercial, intellectual, IT and other activities), catering and tourism facilities (motels, hotels, guesthouses, hostels, restaurants, cafés, travel agencies), commercial sports, recreation and entertainment facilities, as well as exhibition and sales areas (car showrooms, furniture sales).

Numerous facilities, previously owned by IMT, are now being demolished and cleaned up, to make room for a future Roda mega-market, the Extra shopping centre, a community health centre, a kindergarten and other facilities. Three locations are planned for pre-school facilities with a maximum capacity of 270 children, as well as four adjoining pre-school facilities. These facilities will be able to take a total of 1,160 children.

(eKapija, 11.10.2021)


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