50% of elementary school pupils have tried alcohol, one in three is unhappy.

Almost 50% of elementary school pupils have tried alcohol, and it’s no secret that high school students drink it almost regularly when they go out. European research has shown that children drink once or twice a month.

Pedagogy specialist Slobodan Malusic says that the reason for starting with alcohol consumption is primarily a personal problem.

Only 3% of elementary school and 6% of high school students in Serbia said they had no problems. According to a survey conducted by Malusic, about 30% of elementary school pupils said they were unhappy and dissatisfied with themselves, their lives, their success, their family life…

“It’s an escape from everyday problems and obligations, from fear, as they say “you drink to relax”. It’s also about experimentation and about peer pressure from children who already consume alcohol,” says Malusic.

“Society is wrong about alcohol. Serbia is among the top countries in the world in terms of tolerance on the subject of alcohol. Most alcohol is drunk at parties, birthdays and trips. Parents and teachers need to exercise control and be serious about prevention,” Malusic adds.

“It would be much better to try a small amount of alcohol in the presence of the parents, who would then proceed to explain to them what would happen if they consumed more,” adds Malusic.

50% of elementary school pupils have tried alcohol

Referring to a survey done in Europe’s elementary and high schools, Biljana Kilibarda of the Milan Jovanovic Batut Institute said that 50% of respondents had tried alcohol at least once.

“If we look at the classes, there are very large differences between elementary and high school,” says Kilibarda and adds:”The biggest leap is among those who first tried alcohol between the end of elementary school and the beginning of high school: in fact, in high schools, the percentage of consumers increases significantly.”

When asked if they had drunk and how often they had drunk in the previous month, the survey respondents said they had done so once or twice.

Finally, Kilibarda points out that no research in our country or in the world has shown that the majority of young people drink, smoke and use drugs and that such an attitude should not be considered normal.

(Vesti Online, 27.08.2019)


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