50 Hungarian companies to invest in Serbia and especially in Vojvodina

The Speaker of the Vojvodinian Parliament, Istvan Pasztor, has announced the arrival of some 50 Hungarian companies to Serbia, most of which will operate in Vojvodina.

“Based on two competitions launched last year, about 50 Hungarian companies are coming to Serbia, most of them will invest in Vojvodina, particulary in areas where the Hungarians live. This is a natural choice because these companies see this part of Serbia a safe space for realization of their investments,” Pastor told Panon RTV.

He added that the Hungarian government is supporting them with around €50 million worth of investment grants.

Pasztor also said that he could not divulge more details about the investments at the moment, not because he does not know the details, but because that comes under the jurisdiction of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

When asked about the construction of the Palić water park, Pasztor said that the complete project documentation has not been drafted and that there was no money to finish the last phase.

“We hope that the water park will be completed by year-end, because this is important for Palić, for Subotica, for their tourist potential and all tourism workers,” he concluded.

(Blic, 21.04.2021)



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