50 exhibitions during Belgrade’s Photography Month

The fourth international festival “Belgrade’s Photography Month” is officially open. The aim of the festival is to promote new and established photographers, ensures networking between them and cooperates with various cultural and artistic institutions in order to position Belgrade as photography hub in Europe.

One of the exhibitions shown during the festival was created by the Cuban photographer, Juan Alvado and called “Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith”. Alvado’s remarkable series documents the interaction between two worlds that, two decades ago, might not have interacted at all: Islam and the long-isolated country of Cuba. “They [the Muslims] are at a kind of the boiling point,” says Alvado. “They have to define what they will be as a community. This is a very alive moment.” 

The Festival’s programme comprises 50 exhibitions of domestic and foreign photographers who showcase various photographic styles, re-examine social and taboo topics, and portray modern women and different mental states.

“The young photographers that we have presented here have demonstrated a good grasp of the social issues that are taking place in the world today and have shown that they can accurately analyze certain political and public situations. As for foreign photographers, they all bring something new to the festival,” says Stefan Bjelogrlic, the Festival’s PR.

Creative workshops, presentations, interviews with artists are all part of the Festival’s programme. The Festival takes place in 34 different locations around Belgrade, it will last until April 25th, and it will showcase 60 photographers from 17 countries.

(RTS, 06.04.2019)


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