50 cheapest countries to live in, Serbia placed 18th

The US magazine Time has compiled a list of the 50 cheapest countries to live in. The criteria included local purchasing power index which measures the relative purchasing power of a typical salary in a given country, rent index, groceries index and consumer price index.

Serbia placed 18th, with the third-lowest rent index of the 50 cheapest countries, with typical costs for a one-bedroom apartment around $170 a month in Novi Sad. The country has low-cost groceries and consumer goods, though it also has a lower local purchasing power. Compared to New York City, Belgrade has 96.4% lower rent index, while local purchasing power is 52.4% lower. Additionally, local goods and services are 66.8% cheaper than in New York City.

As far as the regional countries goes, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which occupies the 11th place, has a decent local purchasing power, as well as low prices on rent, groceries and consumer goods. In the capital of Sarajevo, for example, the combined monthly costs of rent and other expenses is just around $600-$700.

Montenegro, on the other hand, ranked 26th, and has a local purchasing power that’s around the middle of the pack for the 50 cheapest countries. Its prices are also some of the lowest of the countries surveyed, particularly on groceries.

Croatia occupies the 47th place with the local purchasing power that is 36.1% lower than the one in New York City, rent is 90% cheaper, groceries are 58.8% cheaper, while the local goods and services cost 51.2% less.

Macedonia placed the best out of Balkan countries at the 10th place. And has one of the lowest rents of the 50 cheapest countries. Groceries and consumer goods also cheap, which keeps costs low despite a middling local purchasing power.

The top 10 cheapest countries to live in are South Africa, India, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Oman, Paraguay, the Czech Republic and Macedonia.

(N1, Time Magazine, 13.05.2017)




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