44% of young people in Serbia support conscription

44% of young people in Serbia are in favour of conscription (mandatory military service), 46% are against it and 10% are undecided, according to data from the Alternative Report on the Position and Needs of Young People for 2022, prepared and presented yesterday by the Youth Organisation of Serbia (KOMS).

The report shows that there has been little change since last year, when 46% of young people supported conscription, 43% were against it and 11% did not have an idea about it.

When asked what the direction of Serbia’s foreign policy should be, 43% of survey respondents believed that Serbia should balance between East and West. Respondents were asked if, in a hypothetical situation, Serbia had to choose between East and West, 57% said East, compared to 52% the previous year.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, 55% of young people said that Serbia should not condemn Russia or introduce sanctions and 19% believed that sanctions should only be introduced if the consequences for Serbia would be too great if it did not introduce them. At the same time, 18% said that Serbia should officially condemn Russia, but not introduce sanctions, and 8% said that it should.

More young people in Belgrade support the sanctions against Russia than the Serbian average (33%).

(Dnevnik, 13.07.2022)



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